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Stilton n : English blue cheese

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  1. A type of blue-veined cheese made in England.

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Stilton is a village in Cambridgeshire, England, and within the historic county boundaries of Huntingdonshire. Stilton lies south of the city of Peterborough. It lies on the old Great North Road, 70 miles from London and was an important coaching stop in the days before motorised transport. It lies just south of Norman Cross. In 1998, the village was additionally bypassed by the new A1(M), with access limited to the A15 intersection at Norman Cross.
During February 2006, the TV show Time Team excavated a local field for Roman artefacts.
The village gave its name to the famous Stilton cheese as supplies obtained from the housekeeper at Quenby Hall, near Melton Mowbray, were sold via her brother-in-law to travellers in one of Stilton's coaching inns, namely The Bell.
The cheese was (and is) made in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. The manufacture of Stilton is limited by statute to these three counties and it cannot be made anywhere else, even in Stilton itself.
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